—"Everyday Should Be Veteran's Day"

—The National Association of Concerned Veterans aims to assist those veterans that have been left out, locked out, or lost in the shuffle of the various agencies and departments that have governed their military lives. We offer a new start to those veterans struggling to return to civilian life on solid footing. Our goal is to catch as many fallen soldiers as possible, and we hope to lead them down the path to healing and healthy living after their military careers.


Shero Project

Women who stepped up were measured as citizens of the nation, not as women. This was a people’s war, and everyone was in it. Shero project is a project for female veterans and their family. The project is a transition house of our female veterans so they can do transition smoothly read more


Housing Project

NACV has been weatherizing and renovating houses in the DC metro area for over 33 years. This work includes work on approximately 1000 properties and the placement of over 3500 mostly minority veterans in employment positions between ’78 and ‘98 read more

Furniture Project

Furniture Project

Thanks to a $75,000 donation of bed frames, box springs, mattresses, refrigerators, microwaves, chests-of-drawers, chairs, tables and computers from Fort McNair to the National Capitol Veterans Coalition that donated the items to the Office of read more

Greater ExpectationGreater Expectation

The Great Expectation re entry model began taking form in 1974 based on much of the experience, programming and research.This program is set up to be an 8-12 week program to address housing, employment, health and mental health, sobriety, parenting, life skills, economic stability socialization and ..read more

Misson Statement

NACV was conceived and organized in 1968 focusing on the issues and needs of combat veterans of the Vietnam era to develop, implement and support comprehensive programs to assist those veterans to successfully return to civilian life as productive, contributing and responsible citizens. The original name was National Association of Collegiate Veterans and later became “Concerned” Veterans...read More.


Veterans University
Through IGU a comprehensive veterans would be established at the Unversity (with in the University), under the administration and management of Executive Management Services Institute which would joint venture and/or house the National Association of Concerned Veterans. The plan is for the EMSI to manage the veterans Great Expectations initiative within the University. The Great Expectations comprehensive readjustment and re entry program would be responsible for all operating costs to include cost of space, maintenance, up keep, security, utilities, phones, staffing, renovations, equipment, supplies, furnishings, accounting, bookkeeping, transportation, etc. as well as generate funding for the University…. read more