Mission Statement

NACV was conceived and organized in 1968 focusing on the issues and needs of combat veterans of the Vietnam era to develop, implement and support comprehensive programs to assist those veterans to successfully return to civilian life as productive, contributing and responsible citizens. The original name was National Association of Collegiate Veterans and later became “Concerned” Veterans

NACV’s purpose is consistent with IRS guidelines required for a 501 c 19 organization. NACV complies with the IRS requirements allowing it to qualify for tax exempt status to include property taxes as well as to accept tax deductible donations. The mission and purposes of the organization include:

To promote the social welfare of the military and veteran community;

To provide comprehensive readjustment, transition and re entry supportive services (These services are holistic include long term maintenance and follow up and case management);

To assist disabled and needy war veterans and members of the USAF and their dependents, to include the widows and orphans of deceased veterans;

To provide comprehensive housing services to veterans and eligible members to include emergency, supportive, transitional and permanent housing and to serve as a housing counselor in all aspects of housing to include acquiring, renovating and renting, leasing and selling houses to eligible veterans and members;

To provide information, research, best practices and testimony in order to better programs and services provided eligible members and their families;

To build and establish formal cooperative collaborations with other agencies, departments and groups to include private, corporate, public, institutions and VSOs in behalf of USAF personnel and their families past and present;

To provide entertainment, care, and assistance to hospitalized veterans or members of the USAF;

To provide insurance and economic benefits for members or their dependents, to include credit union, small business, entrepreneurial, incubator and financial