1) One stop drop in Center

In January, NACV, began setting up its drop in center located at our new offices on 120 Rhode Island Ave. NW. The center embodies practically all the components of NACV’s Great Expectations model Veterans Comprehensive Readjustment, Transition and Re entry Program. The Great Expectations model is available for review via spread sheet and includes outreach, assessment, case management, wrap around services, education/ training, employment, mental health, emergency assistance, life skills, referral and the Touch initiative a well as many other component features. The cost for the space is 3500/mo, plus utilities, phone, internet, fax, etc. The site is located one block off of N.Capitol on RI Ave NW. The owner has been carrying the costs until we could become operational. On April 1 2500 dollars was due along with all the utilities. We presently need 2500 plus the estimated 300/ month to cover utilities and approximately 250 additional to cover the phones, fax and internet.

The facility is a two story brick row house with full basement. We are setting it up to allow us to provide counseling (groups and individual), showers, laundry, transitional housing, meals and food donations etc. We will also do training, benefits/claims information, advocacy and meetings(aa/na) from the site. NACV offices will be in the basement and the mental health components will be operated on the upper two floors. Originally the idea was to provide emergency and transitional housing on the second floor but the regulations will not allow us to house in the same building we are providing mental health counseling.

The facility is newly renovated with security and back yard with first floor and basement entrances and egress. The program requires at least two full time program staff to handle intake, admin and case management and one fulltime NACV staff . We estimate personnel and other operating costs to run 4K per month.

The estimated projected costs associated for the GE program which is an 8-12 weeks program is between 3 and 3.5 K per veteran which is a one time cost for life.


 2.    Construction/housing projects

NACV has been weatherizing and renovating houses in the DC metro area for over 33 years. This work includes work on approximately 1000 properties and the placement of over 3500 mostly minority veterans in employment positions between ’78 and ‘98. The program provides training and employment opportunities as well as emergency, transitional and long term housing for our members and clients. We presently operate approximately six scattered site housing locations for our members which are in varying stages of development and require funding. They all have outstanding debt but the rent can carry the mortgage and rehab costs after they are renovated. We are able to make the program work charging 500 dollars per month plus utilities. The two projects below will be the renovation of two properties. The value added estimate of these two properties upon completion is over $750,000 for an estimated investment of less than 100 thousand and a total debt of 500K including acquisition and renovations.

A scope of work is available upon request. All work is iaw code and local regulations with permits and insurance.

Our two biggest projects now are 317 and 309 54th ST. NE. We officially began work on the smaller property about four weeks ago. 317 54th ST NE property is projected for completion end of May at an estimated cost of 75K. (I will attach photos and renderings.) The first property is a brick detached with approximately 3,000 sq ft of living space. We are projecting 8 br and 3 bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. There will be no living or rec rooms there except the porch and decks. The house has two rear decks and a front porch.

We have a developer who has agreed to cover most of the materials costs. WMAG is a minority owned company who is committed to helping veterans. What we need is money to cover the labor costs the overhead and admin costs. We are looking for a donor or an investor who will help with the weekly payroll of approximately 3K per week plus 5000 to cover the taxes and note on the property until we have completed the renovations and have paying tenants. Upon completion this project should be able to generate close to 4K in rent plus carry the utilities. The entire unmet funding sought for this project is 20K or a minimum of 17K in weekly increments which can certainly be performance based.

The larger 54th ST project is adjacent (separated by two lots) and consists of 13 bedrooms and four bathrooms plus a kitchen and three separate apartments (efficiency, one bedroom and two bedroom) in the basement for a total of 18 bedrooms which again should rent for a minimum of 500 per bedroom or vet and generate a total monthy revenue stream of 9K per month. The nine K would cover principal, insurance, taxes and interest on the property. It is estimated that the renovations for this building will cost about 120K and should be completed by 30 June. Again, we are hoping WMAG will agree to cover much of the materials costs. We will look for funding to cover the labor and supervision and admin costs/overhead.

The plan for this site is a transitional facility for single female vets with children. It will offer comprehensive re entry services to include child care and the full complement of continuum of care and wrap around services. It will have 24 7 security with security fence and on site parking in the back yard. It is literally six blocks or less from the new Woodson High School and Marvin Gaye Park. There are also several other elementary schools and churches close by. The house is just a couple blocks off Division in the Deanwood area. Hopefully we will be able to depend on WMAG for materials on this project as well but we will need labor and operating costs for sure estimated at 30K. We will also need about 30K to cover materials, fence, security and child care play area and landscaping. Please see renderings. The total costs sought fall between 40K and 60K.

An additional initiative follows and will cover all the work and employment areas NACV has pursued over the years and continues to pursue. They include: recycling, energy conservation, hazardous materials handling, environmental clean up, demolition, deconstruction, asbestos and lead abatement, and the whole range of energy related technologies to include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, alcohol fuels, low head hydro, photo voltaic, etc.