Shero is a project for our female veterans.We are building six-bedroom house in Northeast that could be home to up to six female veterans and their families There will be  another house next door will house 13 women and their children.Our goal is to have this one be the first one for us, then we’ll try to replicate it and spin it off as many times as we can over the next couple of years.

We at National Association of Concerned Veterans recognize that VA’s efforts to eliminate Veterans homelessness have been impressive and are showing measurable success. However, WOMEN VETERANS still have higher rates of homelessness than their non-veteran counterparts and housing support need to be enhanced, particularly for WOMEN VETERANS with dependent children.

NACV’s PROJECT SHERO in partnership with federal and local agencies and CBOs seek to provide positive comprehensive housing services to WOMEN VETERANS with children to include emergency, supportive, transitional and permanent housing. NACV’s objective is to provide housing counseling in all aspects of housing: acquiring, maintaining, renovating, renting, leasing and selling houses to WOMEN VETRANS with children.