Alfred May is a disabled combat Vietnam veteran as a Special Forces who provided technical assistance in Laos. May has been a member of NACV for over 17 years . He presently serves on the Board of Director as Treasurer. May is native Washingtonian and heads up NACV’s construction contract arm with over forty years of construction experience to include heavy equipment operator and virtually every building trade from roofing to foundation work and all mechanicals, carpentry, dry wall, painting and flooring. After leaving the Army, May returned to work for the federal government as a computer program. May was the lead developer for NACV’s Gentron TOUCH program, a model innovative tracking and treatment program designed by NACV to assist 1000s of veterans with readjustment and re entry.  May’s dedication and commitment as an advocate and veterans service provider has been outstanding.  Because of his military experience in SE Asia May is uniquely qualified to assist today’s vets with the combat and mission related readjustment problem not the least of which is PTSD and major depression.  May is an entrepreneur, a beautician, a tailor, a programmer, a contractor, and a friend of his fellow veterans.  His patience and dedication to the cause of America’s veterans is outstanding. He is focused and “keeps it real”, a tremendous asset to the organization.

Place of Birth: Washington, DC Occupation: Veteran Advocate

Board Member, Treasurer, National Association of Concerned Veterans (NAVC);

March 1959-June 1965 US Army, Sgt E-5 (Honorable)

March 1960-June 1962 18th Airborne Corp, Ft Bragg, NC, 1st Special Forces Group (Abn)

September 1961-March 1962 TS Crypto, SF Mission, Laos, Team A, 7th SF, Radio Operator

July 1962-June 1965 US Army reserves, Washington DC.

1962-1967 Operating Engineer, Local 77, International Union Operating Engineers (IOUE)

1962-1965 IUOE Apprenticeship Program, Hoisting Crane Operations

1965-1967 Crane Operator

1967-1981 US Government, Computer Programmer, GS-11

1967-1968 Institute Computer Technology, Mainframe Computer Operations and Programming

1968-1972 Office Economic Opportunity, Computer Operator and Computer Programmer

1972-1975 ACTION, Supervisor, Systems and Standards Programmer, FS-4

1976-1981 Community Services Administration (CSA), GS-11

1972 to present Beauty Salon Operator with Melba (wife), Genesis 1 Beauty Salon

1976-1981 Programmer, prototype IBM mainframe, punched card COBOL, electronic data system

1981 to present   Developer, GENTRON Automated Salon System, Client Case Management, PC Software

1996 to present   American GENTRON Corporation; Genesis 1 Beauty Salon; GENTRON Systems

TOUCH Case Management System

NACV Construction Arm

1957-1959 Apprenticeship training Alfred Roberts Common Sense Home Rehab, using carpentry and masonry.

1992-present   (NACV)  Provide housing and housing rehab training for veterans in need.