Vet University

Through IGU a comprehensive veterans would be established at the Unversity (with in the University), under the administration and management of Executive Management Services Institute which would joint venture and/or house the National Association of Concerned Veterans. The plan is for the EMSI to manage the veterans Great Expectations initiative within the University. The Great Expectations comprehensive readjustment and re entry program would be responsible for all operating costs to include cost of space, maintenance, up keep, security, utilities, phones, staffing, renovations, equipment, supplies, furnishings, accounting, bookkeeping, transportation, etc. as well as generate funding for the University.

The first class toward this end will commence on 1 Jul with an estimated 20-25 veterans. The cost for the program would be 2000 per veteran and include a stipend for the vets for a period of 8 weeks. The class will be entitled Veterans Re entry 101. The course will focus on applied learning, life skills, employment readiness and placement and include housing and wellness components. The class will meet between 2-3 days per week for a total of 48 classroom hours and 60 hours of applied out of class hours. Upon completion of the eight week course, veterans will acquire and demonstrate all the necessary tools and skills to enable them to re enter civilian community as independent cooperative responsible citizens with viable plans and strategies for employment, housing, mental and physical health and wellness, communication, and coping skills necessary to compete in today’s world and be self sufficient.

Classes will teach not only how to get a job but how to keep a job, how to find and maintain housing, how to stay clean and sober, how to budget and manage ur money, how to handle stress, how to develop and use coping skills, how to improve communication and identify and use local resources and mentoring.

Key components of this course will include a case managment and behavior mod piece as well as an entrepreneurial and small businees component and as stated previously a values and ethics piece. There will be also be an EAP (employee assistance program ) for job retention.

At the end of the eight weeks we hope to have veterans demonstrating the viability of the training with jobs, housing and a better quality of life and skills.

The first class of vets will require a classroom and the instruction team will pursue funding options.